For the past several years my wife and I have been working on a major residential project in scope and size.  We have interviewed and worked with dozens of designers and tradesmen but we have enjoyed working with Eitan the most

Eitan has an innate ability to capture our thoughts and ideas and transpose them to a design which reflects exactly how we want our home to feel. He makes suggestions and provides many options so we can make a proper decisions. On several occasions we were committed to a certain architectural design but after Eitan presented an alternative, we found him  to capture of thoughts better then we could.

Rather than being complacent  to contractors or tradesmen who believe  something can’t be done, various reasons, Eitan has a persuasive  and kind demeanor that allows others professionals to accept his correct way of thinking, while keeping their pride. This is extremely important when working on our project because of the multiple personalities involved in building our home.

Since  he has many talents and perspectives, Eitan will politely share and make suggestions in areas that are not necessarily within his scope. He does this because he loves what he does and would not want his clients to make a unforeseen mistakes. We found this to be very valuable to us in time and money.

Eitan has been readily available to meet with us and assemble all designs for our  deadlines.  He does not have an overpowering ego nor does he make you feel uncomfortable if you come up with   ideas which were  not suitable for your home .

We are confident that anyone who has the pleasure of working with Eitan would share our wonderful experience.


Theresa and Sal Stile

Locust Valley, NY.

Eitan has an innate ability to capture our thoughts

My name is Thea Berkowitz, I live in Brooklyn, New York. In 1995, my husband and I bought a lot to build home to enjoy with our children.


We met with a contractor that introduced to us to an architect to start our  project. Eitan Saggi was introduced to us as a new artist, that arrived recently in the United States. We felt right away, that Eitan was able to understand our needs to have a warm and comfortable home.

I am from Europe and liked straight and clean lines. He just knew what I meant and guided me throughout the project. My ideas, as far as furniture, decor and others, were put down on paper in no time.


Eitan has a tremendous talent in understanding and helping you create the project you imagine. 21 years down the road, we still live in our dream-house, imagined by me and created by Eitan.


Thank you Eitan!

May 2016


We still live in our dream-house, imagined by me and created by Eitan.

When we started our journey to build our new home, my husband and I had an idea of the kind of house that we wanted, but needed help from an expert to build our dream home.

From first staged we hired Eitan Saggi to help with the design.

Eitan made all the interior drawings along with the exterior design, he knew exactly how to guide us and add specific details that made it our home.

We have been in the house over two years and we still admire the choices that he helped us made.


Thank you Eitan for your patience and all the hard work.

Shira Yaghoubian

Great Neck, NY

We still admire the choices

I have known Eitan both as a designer, working together on projects, and as a person and a friend. He is exceptional in both. While it is rare to have both, skill & talent, Eitan has both, on top of his incredible care for each project and every client. I cannot imagine working with a better designer and managing a project with a more dedicated person.