Eitan S Design , known as Insight Interior Design, was established in New York city in the year 1998, by Eitan Saggi and Shirit Kitai.


In 2001 the company settled in Fort Lee, New Jersey.


Eitan Saggi is an interior and architectural designer artist, serving the Tri-state area, and other cities throughout the United States, since 1992.


Eitan is what is called an Old School designer. Most of his design works are drawn by hand and show his creativity and authenticity, influenced from being an artist with a record of exhibitions in New York city and Connecticut, of his paintings, illustrations and mixed media works.

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  • Eitan made all the interior drawings along with the exterior design, he knew exactly how to guide us and add specific details that made it our home. We have been in the house over two years and we still admire the choices that he helped us made. Thank you Eitan for your patience and all the hard work.

    Shira Yaghoubian
  • We felt right away, that Eitan was able to understand our needs to have a warm and comfortable home. I am from Europe and liked straight and clean lines. He just knew what I meant and guided me throughout the project. My ideas, as far as furniture, decor and others, were put down on paper in no time.

    Thea Berkowitz
  • I have known Eitan both as a designer, working together on projects, and as a person and a friend. He is exceptional in both. While it is rare to have both, skill & talent, Eitan has both, on top of his incredible care for each project and every client. I cannot imagine working with a better designer and managing a project with a more dedicated person.